Quick Payment System

We offer a comprehensive service of interaction with the Quick Payment System

Service includes:

  • Cloud platform for interaction with the NSPK operational clearing center
  • A mobile application for customers (individuals) of a bank with all available SBP functions (transfer, payment by QR and other functions as they appear in SBP)
  • Service for receiving SBP payments by QR code for trade and service enterprises


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Payment solutions

Intervale offers a wide variety of payment solutions for any website. We will help to monetize traffic on your site or your mobile application.

By hosting one of our services you will expand the range of services and gain an additional income source.

Our solutions work on resources of the largest banks, mobile operators and news portals. Widgets as well as money transfers and payment facilities by Intervale are used by OTP Bank, Absolutbank, BFA Bank and many others.

We create:

money transfer services;

mobile applications for money transfer services;

Payment facilities for other websites;

Payment solutions for mobile operators’ internet-portals.

We design, develop and promote our own and customised payment services and products on the best market terms, including a partnership program.

Mobile commerce

Intervale platform for mobile commerce (FMC) will allow your clients to pay for goods and services by using their mobile phone balance, bank card or electronic wallets.

Different kinds of retail and service enterprises connected to FMC directly or via billing aggregator may become payees.

Payments in FMC may be accomplished from different client interfaces: web portals, USSD portals, SMS portals, mobile applications, payment widgets and your partners’ payment facilities.

Partners are connected to the system via Open API. You can establish to what extent you want to use the platform potential and choose only the functions you need

The Complex may be launched both as a SAAS solution using Intervale facilities and on your facilities with the option to replicate the service on affiliated companies. The platform is built on micro service architecture principles, which provides high access indicators and flexible possibilities on scaling the system performance (the base indicator of performance being 250 transactions per second).


Payguide™  is a complex solution for an e-commerce organisation which allows acceptance of  international cards of various payment systems supporting the latest  generation of 3-D Secure. To make a payment, a user just needs to have an international pay card and internet access.

The сomponents of the Payguide™ system are divided into Issuer and Acquirer solutions.

Payguide™ Acquirer allows to use:

• International cards of various payment systems;

• Facilities for connection and acquiring of e-shops;

• Simple facility for receiving e-payments securely;

• International 3-D Secure specifications, which guarantee payments safety while purchasing via the Internet.

Payguide™ Issuer (Access Control Server & Enrollment Server) includes a suite of components needed by an issuing bank for transacting payment authentication in accordance with 3-D Secure specifications.

We perform:

• A pre-project customer’s infrastructure survey in order to select optimal solutions of software usage;

• Implementation and adjustment of Payguide™ Acquirer and Payguide™ Issuer for customers;

• Consultation support during certification in the international payment system;

• Customisation of Payguide™ Acquirer and Payguide™ Issuer at customer’s request.

Payguide™ components comply with the standards of VISA and MasterCard international payment systems.

Interactive communications


Every client will know about a new promotion, service or article with the Informer service. The Service allows sending up to 1000 messages per second to any messenger or social network subscriber, as well as to any mobile operator (via SMS).

After sending the message out, Informer Kernel Vote core reads the subscriber’s reply and immediately sends a new message according to a chosen script.

Informer may be integrated with any of the customer’s CRM systems, which significantly simplifies interactions. You may send out millions of messages, process replies, conduct and analyse surveys with one click.

By choosing Informer you choose reliability and security. Right now our service is used by the countries’ major banks, including 3 top banks.


Today clients prefer to ask service providers questions via Viber and VKontakte instead of dialing the call-centre.

“Dialogues” is an effective tool for centralised communication with clients via real-time text chats. The System allows use of different communication channels (for example, Telegram, Viber, «VKontakte», Facebook, etc.) in a single interface.

You can organise mailing for clients in social media and messengers (for example, with Intervale’s Informer service) and immediately receive a reply in “Dialogues”. The System will directly connect active clients to an operator and help to optimise a service process.

Full cycle software development


Each of our projects is preceded by in-depth analysis using Sparx Systems Enterprise and analytic documentation development.

Web/mobile development

We create quality web widgets and mobile applications for IOS, Android and Windows Phone with a high level of protection


Our specialists, graduates of the British school of design, develop stylish and intuitive interfaces for any mobile platform.


Each Intervale’s product is tested by various methods: automated testing, BDD (Behaviour Driven Development), “stress tests” and others.

Server-based development

Intervale’s software is secure, with high performance, supports geo-clustering and continuous integration

24/7 support

Intervale’s technical support service is avaliable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We value our clients and are always glad to be at your service.