Политика обработки персональных данных

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About the company

Intervale is a major service provider in the field of electronic and mobile commerce for state owned, commercial organisations and private individuals.

Among our partners there are famous Russian and international enterprises: MasterCard, МТS, MegaFon, Sberbank of Russia, the VTB Group and many others.

Our company owns:

• A Visa International Service Association license to develop software using the 3-D Secure technology;

• A license to use cryptographic protection;

• A Hewlett-Packard license to use the HP NonStop fault tolerant platform.

We develop innovative solutions for secure distant banking transactions in open telecom networks.

The security of Intervale’s solutions is based on the use of message encryption, electronic signature and crack-proof security means for information storage.

Intervale is a member of the International Telecommunication Union Development Sector (ITU-D). The company's proposals were used as the basis for two ITU standards in the field of mobile payment security. Experts of Intervale actively participate in the Focus Group on Digital Financial Services, in m-Powering Advisory Board and in ITU-D Study Groups and leads numbers of their activities.

A high level of Intervale’s employees have been accredited with numerous licenses and certificates. Our designers completed a course at the British school of design.

The experience of close cooperation of our company’s specialists with Russian and international partners allows us to use our own and the world’s best technologies while developing innovative solutions.

A personal approach for each client, coupled with a detailed study of a customer’s needs at the stage of project development and 24-hours technical support help to create and successfully maintain our optimal and exclusive solutions.

Being the developer of unique solutions for private individuals, the company consults users through our own call-centres.

Intervale participates in Russian and international forums, exhibitions and conferences on innovations in electronic commerce and distant banking.

Today, due to the company’s “know-how”, about 30 % of Russian and the CIS state’s population are active users of mobile commerce, and this figure is going up.

Participation in “Skolkovo”

Intervale is an official participant of the “Skolkovo” innovative centre.

In areas of R&D Intervale specialists are working on the creation of a national Information and payment system to support mobile and electronic commerce on cloud-based technologies. This solution provides distant access to a banking account via mobile interface without connection to a plastic card or any “traditional” payment device.

The creation of the Information and payment system provides maintenance and development of distant payments, multichannel mode, real-time payments and integration with the systems of other countries along with compatibility with existing retail payment systems. The advance implementation of the concept will allow the creation of a unified payment area, uniting every existing payment system, the bank’s infrastructure, the payment systems, mobile operators and other participants of the cashless payment market.

The Operation & Maintenance Centre

Intervale’s О&M (Operation & Maintenance) Centre supports the productivity of the company’s software solutions both at its own technological base and the client’s.

Originally the Centre was aimed at corporative clients’ support, but recently its functions have been significantly expanded to work in the B2C sector to support retail products on 24/7 basis.

The Centre consists of the technical department, the department of product maintenance, the information security department and is staffed with over 20 highly qualified specialists in maintenance, technical support, architecture of informational systems, security and administration. The company plans to develop the О&M Centre further, the priority directions are the implementation of new services for client support and the maintenance of high standards of service.

Research & Development Centre

Intervale’s R&D (Research & Development) Centre was founded in Gomel (Republic of Belarus) in 2000. The strategy focus of the R&D Centre is the development and testing of software, project technical support and research into software and programming technology.

Today’s market demands are high from companies which specialise in innovative technologies development. The R&D Centre provides not only competitive solutions in mobile and electronic commerce, but prompt launch, modernisation, scaling and software technological support 24/7.

The location of the R&D Centre in Gomel is explained by the presence of developed telecom infrastructure, highly qualified personnel, and a convenient location. This enables flexible reactions to telecom market changes and the precise completion of contract works.

The Centre is structured into the departments of research, development, testing and technological support, which allows to develop modern turnkey solutions as well as to customise and modernise existing products.

The R&D Centre has a staff of around 100 professionals, with programmers, designers, testers, architects, support engineers, technical writers, business analysts, project managers, system administrators and implementation engineers.

The company plans to develop the R&D Centre in Gomel further.

Intervale’s history

CJSC “Intervale “ was founded in Moscow in 1999. The company became a pioneer in the area of development and implementation of the technology for supporting bank accounts transactions via SMS notifications in Russia.

We were the first in the former Soviet Union to implement SMS-information on banking transactions for “Sberbank of Russia” customers on a large scale. Later the company widely increased the variety of solutions and services offered and significantly broadened its presence in the national IT-area, successfully expanded on infocommunication markets of the former USSR and Eastern Europe. Today, Intervale is a major service-provider in the fields of mobile and e-commerce for both state and private enterprises and individuals.

The solutions created by Intervale and its own technological platform for information and financial transactions in open networks (Internet and mobile networks) makes it possible to provide a wide range of services to every participant of mobile and e-commerce markets.

Today Intervale™ processes over 150 million information and financial transactions per month and is the creator of more than 30 commercial projects in m-banking/m-commerce security with most of the major banks and mobile operators in Russia and CIS countries.

We created a powerful technological base for data and message processing via mobile networks to provide services of distant transactions not only to the banking sector, but to companies of other industries. Intervale’s platform  provides bidirectional exchange of SMS at up to 3000 SMS per second and has direct connections to more than 30 mobile operators in Russia and abroad.

The company provides a full range of services, including pre-project survey, consulting services, supply of standard software, its customisation to meet the customer’s demands and subsequent implementation and launch of the solution. Product technical support is provided on 24-hours basis by our own technical support service.

Intervale has access to transport platforms of the major mobile operators, which provides information and payment services for mobile banking and e-/m-commerce. The company is in partnership with mobile operators in Russia, the CIS members and abroad.

Access to billing systems of payees allows payment operations by any convenient way: via ATM, POS-terminal, mobile phone or the Internet.

Intervale provides a service of software complexes, dealing with the processing of information and financial transactions in open networks. Information and technological cooperation of payments’ participants is provided within the framework of the service, along with hardware support, technical servicing, launch, support and administration of software as well as the reservation of communicational channels.

License and certificates

The enterprises of the Intervale Group possess the following certificates and licenses:

1. A license for telematics connection services № 150946 from February, 9, 2017, № 145657 26 from March, 26, 2013, issued by The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media.

2. A license for data transfer excluding services of voice-transferred information № 144913 from September, 8, 2015, № 145658 from, June, 2, 2015, issued by The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media.

3. A license of The Centre of the Federal Security Service of Russia for Licensing, Certification and Protection of State Secrets for development, production and dissemination of encryption (cryptographic) tools, information and telecommunication systems protected by encryption (cryptographic) tools, work and service in information encryption, the technical service of encryption (cryptographic) tools, information and telecommunication systems, protected with encryption (cryptographic) tools (excluding cases of technical service of information and telecommunication systems, protected with encryption (cryptographic) tools for the purpose of the private needs of a legal person or an individual entrepreneur) № 0014187 from December, 6, 2016, № 0014179 from November, 29 2016).

4. Compliance to the standard requirements of PCI DSS (30.06.17).

4. Compliance to the standard requirements of PCI DSS (30.06.17).

5. VISA International and MasterCard international payment systems certified service provider

6. All Intervale’s software products are copyright protected. Since 2003, the components of electronic and mobile commerce have been certified by the Visa International Service Association for meeting 3-D Secure specifications, common standard for Verified By Visa and MasterCard SecureCode programs:

— Access Control Server, included into Payguide™ Issuer solution;

— Merchant Plug-In, included into Payguide™ Acquirer solution;

“3-D Secure” is a registered trademark of 3-Domain Secure technology.