Internet acquiring

Start receiving online payments on your website using the digital acquiring service “Pay-up” for e-shops.

• Convenient personal account (online cancellation, payment history, reports);

• Increase conversion with additional payment processing algorithms;

• Technical support 24/7;

• Integration with mobile applications;

• Money transferred the next working day;

• Fault tolerance;

• Payment security;

• Integration with CMS;

• Personal manager;

Customisation of payment page.


Money transfers

An online money transfer form card to card service is on your web-site right now!

• No PCI DSS certificate is required;

• Simple operation procedure;

• The deduction from a payer’s card with the 3-D Secure technology;

• Reciprocal payments between transfer operation parties;

• Transfers between cards of different international payment systems (MasterCard, VISA);

• A system of fraud-monitoring;

• Technical support 24/7;

• 7-day realization term.

Transfer to me

Mobile applications

Client-based applications developed by Intervale are supported by all modern platforms – Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, BADA, BlackBerry. Applications provide for all types of payment operations using bank cards, banking accounts, mobile accounts and e-money. Different types of mobile data transportation (SMS, USSD, GPRS/3G/4G and etc.) are used for our information and financial services.

The security of mobile applications is provided by a personal password to access the application (including an option to block password sniffing), encrypting messages with personal keys all the way from the application to the server, digital signature and protected key stores and so on.

The structure of the application menu is developed according to a customer’s requests and includes the possibility of dynamic updating, which allows providing up-to-date services to the client. Menu customisation allows offering personal set of services.

Aggregation of payments’ sources

A modular solution of “Aggregation of payments’ sources” (The central catalogue of payment tools developed by Intervale provides an opportunity for the suppliers of goods and services to accept various payment sources, including bank cards, mobile accounts, banking accounts and e-money.

Payments can be made via various interfaces – mobile devices (SMS/USSD/WAP/mobile applications), Internet (WEB), payment facilities of any type. The service includes data consolidation on every transaction, made with the help of various payment tools, and creating a unified financial report.

Aggregation of retail and service enterprise

Intervale offers innovative, highly producing solution for merchant aggregation, providing technological interaction with an acquiring bank, billing aggregators, money transfer systems and retail and service enterprise in the framework of payment operations undertaken by private individuals.

The service provides enquiry transfers on the possibility of payment, maintenance of the pre-payment stage of information exchange between the bank’s payment facilities and retail and service enterprise (transfer of payment information, informing a client on payment commission, ABC DEF code mobile operator identification), a system of accounting and revision of commissions.

Transport platform

Intervale’s transport platform is a highly performable aggregative gateway to SMS centre services of almost every mobile operator in Russia, major mobile operators in the CIS countries and others (including Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile).

Total productivity of the platform is 3000 SMS per second. The platform allows balancing the load of an operator’s SMS-centres, which provides high quality and reliability for sending and receiving SMSs for clients.

The platform has wide options and functions to customise the policy of SMS receipt and delivery, which allows the provision of a quality service for message processing through mobile networks not only to the banking sector, but also to other industries. The distinctive feature of the transport platform is the possibility to co-work with the operator’s SMS-centres for the reception / transfer of the encrypted SMS-messages for security reasons.